Interview Tips

Interview preparation involves the steps a job candidate takes prior to meeting with a potential employer face-to-face. Preparation can include a number of critical points. Many job candidates prepare for interviews by making sure their intended appearance is professional. They also brush up on interview techniques, run through interview sample Q&A sessions to hone their answers and even work on their salary negotiation skills. While a resume or CV can get a candidate in the door, personal interviews are often necessary to land a final offer. With this in mind, interview preparation is critical for job seekers. The better prepared a candidate is for an interview, the more likely it is he or she will come across as professional, on top of things and confident.

  • Make sure to wish all the panels while you enter or leave the interview
  • Use examples to explain your skills and experience.
  • Resume or application. Although not all employers require a resume, you should be able to furnish the interviewer information about your education, training, and previous employment.
  • References. Employers typically require three references. Get permission before using anyone as a reference. Make sure that they will give you a good reference. Try to avoid using relatives as references.
  • Transcripts. Employers may require an official copy of transcripts to verify grades, coursework, dates of attendance, and highest grade completed or degree awarded.
  • Ask questions about the position and the organization, but avoid questions whose answers can easily be found on the company Web site.
  • Also avoid asking questions about salary and benefits unless a job offer is made.
  • Close each interview by summarizing your strongest qualifications and continuing interest in the position.
  • Send a short thank you note.
  • Thank the interviewer when you leave and shake hands.
  • Arrive on time for your job interview.
  • Any applications handed before the interview begins, are to be filled in as accurately as possible, make sure they match the information in your Cv and Cover Letter.
  •  Always greet the interviewer by his/her last name and try to pronounce it correctly.
  • Look alert and interested. Scan the room once and then keep your eyes on the interviewer.
  • Wait until you are offered a chair before you sit down.
  • Stress your achievements.
  • Always conduct yourself professionally and if something beyond your control occurs, show a sense of humor.
  • Be enthusiastic and show it in your replies and body language.
  • Answer the interview question by more than a simple yes or no but try not to go over the 60 second limit.
  • Avoid at all cost complaining about your current or former employer in your job interview



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